Caring for you hair under hair extensions

Knowing how to care for your new hair extensions and hair under your hair extensions takes proper care. Your new weave will always look and feel great if cared for properly. But, it takes proper care to maintain your hair and weave and keep it in top shape in between your visits to the stylist/beautician.

Don’t just shell out hundreds of dollars for a sew-in install and hope for it to last longer than expected. You need to know how to take care of your weave correctly to make sure you are getting the most out of your hair extension without sacrificing the health of your actual hair or wallet. Follow this hair extension guide to promote healthy and lush growth underneath your hair extensions:

1. Shampoo and Conditioner 

- two of the most essential styling products you need to care for your hair and weave

- recommend washing and conditioning your hair every 7-10 days

2. Dry Your Hair Thoroughly 

- air-drying your hair is the best method to protect your weave and your hair under your weave

- if you must blow-dry your hair, please use a heat protectant and make sure your braids are dry


Use a Hair Extension Moisturizer 

- you should treat your weave as if it is your own hair growing from your scalp

- be sure not to use too much moisturizer on your weave or else it will have an oily appearance 

- moisturizer your weave nightly before bed

4. Sleep with a Satin Scarf

- again, treat your investment as your own hair

- satin scarves helps your hair retain moister at night while you're sleeping 

5. Visit your stylist/beautician 

- it is important to have a professional stylist maintain your weave and hair under your weave

- you should visit your stylist/beautician every 4-6 weeks for regular maintenance 

6. Give your hair a break 

- with all the tension from the braids and weave, it is important to give your hair a break

- weaves should not be worn more than 3 months at a time, if properly cared for


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